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Putting ideas down on paper is the first step of becoming a writer, but eloquence is achieved by having an editor comb through your document. Editing is the work of brokering between what you intend and what the audience reads. It is vital for the process of writing, rewriting and publishing. As such our mission is to provide diverse writing and editing tools for businesses and personal/creative needs.
L.A. Wanliss Editing and Consultancy delivers editing and writing services for all creative, academic and business projects. The services offered include research, content, copy and developmental editing for your academic and creative projects as well as copywriting, proofreading and copyediting for business writing.
To determine what the project’s needs are, all clients receive a one-on-one session which is later supported by an editing and writing process that is steeped in research, development, and education. Therefore, clients receive editing and writing clarifications for the immediate project along with tools to help future endeavours.
Consultation services assist writers imagining careers as screenwriters, authors, playwrights and poets. These services, geared at continuous improvement, are intimate workshops and writing classes. These classes are accompanied by a schedule and systems of accountability to keep the writer focused.

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Your editor

Lesley-Ann is CEO of L.A. Wanliss Editing and Consultancy and writer of the poetry echapbook imago. She is completing her MFA in Creative Writing Program at the University of the West Indies, (UWI) St. Augustine. She was the recipient of the CARICOM-CANADA Emerging Leaders Scholarship and was the first Visiting Researcher in the MFA program at The University of Guelph. She is published in JamaicaEats, Cordite Poetry Review, Susumba Bag, The Caribbean Writer, The Jamaica Journal, Small Axe Literary Journal. She was also the recipient of the Second Place Prize in the UWI Short Story Competition, and in the Short Fiction component of the Small Axe Literary Competition.

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What we offer

You have an idea, but you are not really sure about the facts. Ask for a research edit. This process entails the collecting, analysing and translating of data into copy, fact-checking project and verifying that the sources are appropriate.

You have started working on a project and you think that it is cool. It is, but you may need help in ensuring that the project meets a particular structure and has little or no gaps. Remember when they told you that writing is rewriting. This editing process is detailed and key to many creative and academic projects. It usually means that you have someone to help you work out the kinks you know you have, the kinks you are not sure you had, and the kinks that you never knew you had. This is the co-ordinating and editing of a project from proposal or rough manuscript to final manuscript, incorporating input from authors, consultants, or reviewers.

Writing is rewriting, so usually what we think we have said is not yet said. The content edit is about meaning and organization. This is usually done for academic and business writers. This type of editing is the process of clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language or other non-mechanical line-by-line editing as well as reorganizing a manuscript for content organization, consistency of mechanics and continuity of structure.

The project is finished. You are proud. But it is not yet time to walk away. You will still need a very technical edit. Writing is about consistency and this editing process caters to this part of the writing process. This is the editing for grammar, usage, spelling, punctuation, and other mechanics of style; checking for consistency of mechanics and for internal consistency of facts; inserting head levels and approximate placement of art; formatting headers, editing tables, figures, and lists. This is a technical editing process and for academic purposes also requires the use of MLA, Chicago or APA documentation styles.

Finished? Well, you will need a proofreader for the things that go easily missed in any and every part of the process. This involves the checking of proofs of formatted, edited material for adherence to design and for minor, mechanical errors in copy (such as spelling mistakes or small deviations from style sheet).

You want to say something, but you don’t have the time or the skill to say it? Its fine; don’t beat yourself up. Copywriting is the writing of academic, business, creative copy for clients. It may even include either a love letter,  press releases, annual reports, books, articles or a script. You want to say it; know that it can be said.

The project is finished, and you are ready to shop for an agent, but you need an opinion before you bravely press submit. This 10-14 page feedback report comments on the strengths and weaknesses of the manuscripts’ continuity, organization, plot structure, and character development. Its completely for feedback and will not include track changes or any adjustment to the project/manuscript.

Join upcoming writing workshops tailored to help you build your creative projects. Or request one-on-one sessions.

Join upcoming editing seminars tailored to help you choose editors and become an editor.

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Services Rates
Research Editing

$10-15 per page

Developmental Editing

$8-10 per page


$6-8 per page


$3-5 per page

Content Editing

$6-8 per page


$30 per hour

Manuscript Evaluation

$1-3 per page

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*Rates are quoted in US$. Manuscript pages (ms.) are 250 words. Flat rates are also negotiable for projects over 150 pages.
***Delivery time and the estimated pace are not identical. Please ask for your student rate. Delivery time will be agreed upon by editor and client. Work needed in 3 days of less incur a service cost of 10-20%.

What our clients say

Lesley-Ann is a great editor.  I needed a copy editor, and I was on a very tight deadline to complete my project. Lesley Ann went above and beyond. She not only fixed grammar, spelling and punctuation but storyline issues, inconsistencies, repetition and character motivation.  I look forward to working with her again in the future. Highly recommended.”  
Heather Rose, Author Freefall in Faith: Battles for the Time Between

I engaged L.A. Wanliss Editing and Consultancy to edit the text of a children’s book. The prompt delivery within the agreed time and insightful comments I received make giving this testimonial an easy task. I highly recommend L.A. Wanliss Editing and Consultancy to any individual or organisation seeking an objective, in depth, review of their written work from a consultancy operating with integrity and professionalism.

A-dZiko Simba Gegele, Writer, Spoken Word Artist, Workshop Facilitator, Jump and Fly Jamaica
When we finally met professionally, she understood what I wanted to do; she is a sucker for a good story. She corrected my grammar; she gave me the context and a better understanding of how the story connects to the audience and where it lives in the sea of stories. I emailed her the manuscript and within a week she sent me back the first set of changes. We then went over them via phone because of time constraints on my part. We discussed the general messaging, subduing some characters that were competing with the main character that would have required a longer book or another full rewrite, and we discussed where she saw I could take the story. Luckily, it took some paragraphs cutting and adding a new chapter that closed a lot of questions that popped up in the book, with the answers living in my head but not on the pages. After resending the corrected manuscript, we went back and forth another set of times until I was satisfied and ready to push my creations on to print book form and out into the world. Such a long-winded way to say I appreciate working with her and will be doing so very soon.
Andre Hutchinson, Graphic Designer, Author: Scribbles, Born without an Eraser
Lesley has a keen eye for creative writing. She is an excellent writer herself, but also has an extraordinary talent for helping others find their voice.
Ronald Francis, Part-time Lecturer, PhD Candidate at UWI St Augustine

When I was looking for professional editing services to help with my first book, I had only considered affordability and professionalism. L.A. Wanliss Editing & Consulting Services delivered that, and way more than I imagined. L.A. Wanliss’s process was very detailed, thorough and was tailored specifically to my vision for the book. She kept me accountable to the writing process, reminded me of my goals when I got stuck and helped me build my confidence as a new writer. Lesley-Ann is a great consultant and used those skills to help me accomplish my goal for the book. I could not have crossed the finish line without her services and would strongly recommend her services to others.

Trudyann Wynter-Brown, HR Specialist and Author


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